Mikrotik Exposed

The website presents results from our research targeting Mikrotik devices.


MikroTik is a network equipment manufacturer know for its low-cost routers used to provide both last-mile access to home users and are used in core network infrastructure. Although they are also known for the security flaws on their products.

Project Goals

  • Characterize attacks to MikroTik devices (RouterOS);
  • Automate Attack Classification based on CVE.


  • We reveal the landscape of MikroTik devices worldwide. See our paper (to appear);
  • We propose a realistic, easy deploy honeypot that mimics low-cost MikroTik routers;
  • We propose an automated classification of the traffic collected at the honeypot and discuss ways for mitigating the collected attacks.

Our Honeypot: You can find our open source honeypot described in our repository.

Signatures: We have developed signatures for the well-known vulnerabilities related to the MikroTik devices. They are compatible with the Berkeley Packet Filter.